Welcome! Thank you for checking out my personal site. My name is Brent Kekoa Ramos. I am a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi healer, martial artist, teacher, and cultural practitioner. My roots extend to Maui, Denver, and I am now based out of San Francisco, where I have taught thousands of people martial arts for the past 10 years out of my own school for the last 7 years, located in Chinatown SF - "108" [SHAOLINSF.COM]. I am taking a step back from teaching, running a business, and coaching so I can focus more on a healing practice, training, and personally competing again. I will continue to host workshops on a more personal, and deeper level, until we re-open 108 in a larger, and better space in future. I hope to also contribute to Hawaiian consciousness and stewardship in the process. Stay connected to my site & social channels for availability on massage or healing therapy appointments, martial workshops, and more.


I am continuously learning under these incredible teachers whenever possible:

Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai - Lineage:

  • Aunty Margaret Machado
  • Aunty Mahilani Poe Poe
  • Maka'ala Yates
  • Rebecca Slavin
  • Papa Sylvester Kepelino
  • Aunty Mary Fragas

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi & Hawaiian Healing (250+C.E)
  • Lomi Lomi (massage, bone setting, bodywork)
  • L'au Lapa'au (plant based medicinals, land stewarship)
  • Ho'oponopono (conflict resolution, counseling, spiritual & emotional alignment)
  • Pule & Oli (Hawaiian chant)

  • Kumu Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu

  • Hula
  • Oli (chant)
  • Olelo (language)

  • Kumu Mike Lee

  • Kilo Hoku (Hawaiian constellation and star observation)
  • La'au Lapa'au O Ke Kai (Medicines of the sea)

    Martial Arts has been my path for almost my entire life. I began training at the age of 8 and received my first black belt around the age of 13. I now bring over 21 years of experience across various styles. Within 108, I have evolved my initial traditional kung fu training, to include functional methods from Muay Thai, MMA, & Dutch Kickboxing which became a unique system and a professional school: 108 [] located in Chinatown, SF. I encourage my art to be a lifestyle, family practice, and encompass healing arts as well. Currently, I am focusing entirely on Jiu Jitsu.

    Martial Arts:

  • Muay Thai - Combat Sports Academy [CSA] (2 Years)
  • Kung Fu - 5th Degree (mastery) Black Sash/Belt - Kung Fu (Various Styles/108 BB)- 15+ Years
  • Instructor/Founder/Owner - 108 (, Chinatown San Francisco 7 years
  • 1st Degree Black Belt - Tae Kwon Do (ISKA/ATA - 5 Years)
  • White Belt - Gracie Jiu Jitsu (Ralph Gracie - Dublin)CURRENT

  • Taiji - Yang Taiji (10 years) Zheng Man Qing, Ben Lo, Scott Meredith (5 years)
  • Xing Yi - Hebei (10 years) Hebei, Scott Meredith (5 years)
  • Other Stylistic Influences - Shastarvidya (Gurdev Nidar Nihang Singh) & Russian Systema (NorCal Systema/Vlad Vassiliev)

  • Interested in a healing or training session? Email me anytime:

    Part of all proceeds, of any workshop, seminar, or class will go to support environmental and cultural preservation efforts. Each group will receive multiple planted Koa tree's on their behalf, with GPS location, which will be cared for on in Hawaii for generations to come. A lasting legacy for yourself and the world, simply by attending.





    10% of all profits from any healing seminar, will go to the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative. Every two attendees will be able to plant and provide stewardship for (1) koa tree, contributing to the almost extinct forest of Hawaii! Providing sustainability of these sacred trees not only leaves a lasting legacy, but will also contribute to the empowerment of environmental stewardship.

    Simply by attending one of our seminars, you will also be directly planting a Hawaiian Legacy Tree! All trees planted will have a GPS location with ID, which will be posted HERE on the website with your groups picture, so you can watch your tree(s) grow for years to come!

    Every group in attendance, via the Koa Fund will be directly responsible for the sponsoring and planting of numerous Koa Tree's. The more people in attendance - the more trees will be planted and sponsored! Each Legacy Tree we plant comes with a Certificate of Sponsorship detailing the trees ID number and GPS location. We will customize each certificate for the groups participation and contribution.

    Collectively, we will post certificate(s) alongside our group picture here on the website to be displayed. Additionally, HLRI will donate $1 from each Koa Legacy Tree to The Hawaiian Islands Land Trust. The remainder funds will be used for collecting seeds by hand, raising your seedling in nurseries, planting your tree to create a forest, fencing out pests, clearing invasive species, and of course, the RFID tagging so you can track your tree


    Koa (acacia koa) is a species of tree unique to the Hawaii only. Once blanketing the islands, this unique species is now on the verge of extinction with only 10% of forest left. The extreme extinction is due to mass deforestation, grazing animals, invasive species and unsustainable harvesting methods. Koa trees have also become the most valuable wood in the world, being highly consumed as a commodity that cannot regenerate fast enough. The price of Koa has risen more than 1000% in the last ten years and more than 2000% in the last twenty years. Koa is now one of the most valuable woods on Earth and this situation has led to destructive harvesting methods.

    Reforestation is important to my family's divine responsibility. Koa - is my family inoa (Hawaiian name) and responsibility. It is also the term used for Hawaiian warriors, and to describe the courageous and strong. The wood was the main choice for creating koa warrior weapons, canoes, and other staple Hawaiian crafts. Koa was not just a wood or tree, but also a mindset and source of power within the people - the extinction of koa could also promote the decline of an intrinsic power and mindset. The trees were a sanctuary to other animal species such as birds, now on the verge of extinction, which can be sustained by re-establishing the forests. Most importantly, we see koa as a living ancestor - a personal family member in need of stewardship. We hope you join our family in conservation efforts by attending our seminars!


    The mission of the HLRI is to promote and assist in the reforestation of Hawaii forest land with the endemic Hawaiian species of trees and plants that originally grew in such locations, thereby assisting in watershed protection and expansion of critical habitat for native species; to participate and fund research into Hawaiian animal and plant life with the objective of expanding the native forests of Hawaii; to acquire land and conservation easements for the planting of endemic Hawaiian plants and trees; to accomplish the mission in a way that enhances the understanding of the integral relationship between the Hawaiian culture, tradition, and history with the resource management of the endemic Hawaiian forest; to develop new and creative methodologies to advance the optimal use and economic benefit of forest products and the sustainable planting of trees; and to monitor conservation easements for existing lands.

    You can always donate or plant directly with HLRI by going HERE.